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Busted Summer Life Hacks from Level One

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It’s about to get hot. Tremendously hot. A lot of self-proclaimed “life hacks” have been circulating around the web and we’ve tried most of them, which is why we know first-hand that most of them are plain horrible. The only thing worse than the blistering heat is the false promise of beating it. Here are some common “beat the heat” solutions that you should not bother wasting your time with.

  1. The Phone Fan

The premise here is that you can buy a mini-fan (a super duper tiny fan that blasts super duper tiny gusts of air) that will operate using your phone battery. Mobile cooling, if you must. But should you really worry about another thing draining your already non-existent battery power? We thought so.

  1. The Ice Vest

The premise is you can fill a waterproof vest with ice cubes to help lower the temperature. Supposedly incognito, the vest looks like any ordinary vest. But who’s the guy dripping ice water trails all over the 2nd floor hallway? Not you, please don’t let it be you.

  1. Ice Cubes In Cool Shapes

We get it, ice is neat. So why should they come in such boring, boxy shapes? Your imagination is the limit and you can serve ice in many fun and crazy shapes. Everyone will be talking about your ice cube prowess! That it, until they all melt. Ice, no matter what crazy container shape it takes, will melt away into your beverage, and you’ll be left with nothing but a diluted drink to show for your creativity. Plus, those ice trays cost more.

  1. Cold Feet

Ah, here’s one trick that actually works! Pressure therapists and massage experts will tell you that your feet are filled with sensitive points that react greatly to changes in temperature. This is why slipping your feet into a relaxing pan of cold water is a miracle. Instant relief in no time at all! We were savoring every minute of this pedi-wonder-cure until body heat turned the water lukewarm, and well, it just stopped being fun from there. If you try this at the office and manage to dodge all the funny look you’ll get from your coworkers, then you deserve a bonus.

  1. Wear Light Clothes

Of course, it’s as simple as that! Keep heavy fabrics stashed to the back of your closet for now because it’s all about tank tops, summer shorts, and flip flops. Oh, you have a meeting to go to? Darn it, you’ll need to pull out all those heavy blazers after all. Up until the office sends out a memo on a summer-friendly dress code, then you can just kiss shopping for “light clothes” goodbye.

There are certainly more effective ways to cool down in the humid weather but our job is to simply point out the obvious: all these life hacks are gimmicky, subjective and short-lived. The only long-lasting solution to excessively hot temperature is getting a reliable, energy-efficient AC system for your office or building.

Call Level One HVAC today and we’ll be there to set up the AC system of your choice. We specialize in the installation, maintenance and repair of all types of HVAC/R equipment. We can also set you up with our building automation services to help regulate your building’s environment and cut your operating costs. (248) 486-6500 or fill out our on-line contact form and one of our staff will contact you shortly. We look forward to being your go to HVAC company for years to come.

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