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Is My HVAC Broken? Here Are Signs To Watch Out For

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A furnace or HVAC unit that is working properly gives you utmost comfort and peace of mind. It is then no wonder why getting a broken unit easily becomes the source of much frustration. To ensure that you continue to enjoy the luxury that comes with a properly working HVAC unit, you will need to educate yourself with some of the basic warning signs of damage.

Some of the common symptoms of a faulty HVAC unit include funny noises, unpleasant odors, sparks or flames, and uneven heating or cooling patterns. Here is a quick description of each to better equip you the next time you need to inspect your air conditioner, refrigerator or furnace.

Unusual noises and smells

You should be familiar with how a properly functioning HVAC unit sounds and smells like. The moment you hear or smell anything out of the ordinary, be sure to check it out. Sounds can vary from out-of-place clicking, wheezing and whirring to anything that sounds like the machine could be having trouble sustaining its operations.

For smell, anything that smells like smoke or burning carbon should be immediately reported. Other unusual and unsavory scents should be noted down as well, because your unit should only smell like cool and clean air.

The presence of smoke

Smoke calls for emergency attention because your machine could turn into a fire hazard if not attended to at once. No piece of machinery is functioning well if the presence of smoke is cited. So be prepared. Smoke is usually a red flag for faulty circuitry or worse.

Old age

As with all things, age matters. Take note of when the unit was bought or first installed. The older a machine is, the more likely it is to have undergone considerable wear and tear throughout the years. Old age also affects the overall efficiency and power consumption of your unit, so be sure to get these regularly checked. Some servicing, re-oiling and detailing could help to avert natural causes of deterioration in HVAC units.

Uneven heating and cooling

A properly working HVAC unit should be able to deliver the promise of heating or cooling your workplace at the temperature that you set, and at the duration that you have programmed. If you notice sudden variations in the heating or cooling patterns of your unit, be sure to get it checked. If temperature drops or rises without you controlling it, something could be off in the unit’s mainframe or internal wiring. It could also be a case of a faulty thermostat or the lack of freon or its counterpart. Either way, be very mindful of changes in your HVAC unit’s overall performance.

In summary, unusual noises, unpleasant odors, old age, smoke, and uneven heating or cooling patterns are some of the most common problems that lead to the breaking down of HVAC units. However, these are not the only warning signs, so keep a watchful eye for other strange things that happen to your air conditioner, refrigerator, furnace, etc.

Your chances of tracing the problem with your unit, and consequently solving them, are higher when you seek the help of HVAC personnel. Level One HVAC consists of a professional team of licensed, insured and certified HVAC specialists who are trained to inspect all kinds of HVAC units and detect if there are problems. They are also masterfully skilled in the installation and maintenance of HVAC units for use at home or at the office.

Do you have a faulty unit to report? Have you spotted any of the warning signs mentioned above? Call us at 248-486-6500 and talk to one of our specialists. We are available for you 24/7 and we are always ready and willing to give you a hand! We act fast because we know that there truly is nothing more frustrating than a broken HVAC unit.

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