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Michigan Commercial Building HVAC Tips and Tricks

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The Department of Energy has released a report on commercial energy consumption and its findings show that up to 30% of a commercial building’s energy usage goes to waste. More than 15% of an average commercial building’s energy spending goes to heating and cooling, or mainly HVAC processes. If you want a more profitable business geared toward sustainable living, you are going to have to follow certain steps to reduce your energy waste.

Here are some of the common and simple steps you can follow in your own commercial building. The best part about these is, not only will you help your business cut down on energy costs, these are also very basic steps that everyone can do at little to no cost.

Perform a thorough inspection of all heating and cooling ducts

Energy waste is commonly due to leaks or holes in your heating and cooling ducts. When you don’t seal these leaks, your company is virtually throwing out money due to the energy wasted. You are making your HVAC equipment work but you are getting a reduced amount of heating or cooling throughout your building. The report from the Department of Energy shows that when all your ducts are leak-proof, your energy efficiency can go up by to 20%.

You can use duct sealant, foil tape, aeroseal or mastic material to seal leaks and holes in your ducts. If you are unsure about how to do this, contact an HVAC specialist to help you.

Replace old, worn and dirty filters in your HVAC machines

Nothing impedes the performance of your HVAC equipment as easily as an inefficient filter. When your filters are old, worn or dirty, they can reduce the efficiency of your machines by up to 10%. Don’t wait until the end of the year before you check on your filters. It is recommended that you change your filters every quarter, or four times in a year. The energy savings in your electricity bill easily offsets the little cost produced to purchase new filters.

Invest on automated or programmable thermostats 

Outdoor temperature will change throughout the months in a year, and this certainly has an effect on how your HVAC equipment works. Be sure to keep your heating and cooling equipment running at optimal conditions by pre-programming settings that are appropriate for different seasons.

Not only will this increase your energy savings, it will also take away the arduous task of manually changing the temperature settings of each and every machine—on each and every floor of your commercial building.

Don’t worry about the cost of installing programmable thermostats. You will feel the return on investment as early as the next year.

Replace old and broken down HVAC equipment 

Older buildings seem to be stuck with older heaters and coolers, and these outdated machines are heavy on the budget. Lessen the strain on your expenses by giving your building a much-needed HVAC upgrade. Plan this step on your next budget meeting and make sure to layout the benefits of a more efficient HVAC system that will be less prone to leaks, malfunctions, and other damages.

Schedule your HVAC equipment for regular maintenance and repair work

If you feel like your current HVAC equipment can still survive another year, at least schedule them for cleaning and maintenance. You won’t know all the problems with these machines until a professional HVAC technician performs an inspection on your building’s units. Remember that if you continue to use a faulty machine, your energy efficiency suffers and your power bill will hurt your budget. You could also be put under the scrutiny of environmental departments that are on the lookout for buildings that use old machines with toxic refrigerants. It is always a good step to lean towards sustainable business practices, which are good for the environment.

If you want to know more tips and tricks to boost the efficiency of your HVAC equipment, you should get in touch with a professional team of HVAC specialists such as Level One HVAC. Give us a call at 248-486-6500 to schedule a visit in your building!

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